Critical Considerations for Reg E Automation

About the Webinar:

Rapid growth in EFT transactions and identify theft have resulted in a massive increase in Reg E disputes for Banks and Credit Unions.  Maintaining compliance with Reg E rules drives up operational cost and the potential for reputation risk, causing many institutions to turn to process automation.  Join us to understand the five critical features to demand when automating manual Reg E compliance. 

Covered Topics:

  • Reg E & EFT Today
  • Compliance Complexity
  • Consumer & Institution Liability
  • Audit Response & Risk
  • Reg E Automation Requirements



Jamie Clark, Card Services Manager, Richwood Bank

Raj Singal, Founder & CEO, FINBOA

July 23rd, 2020 – 12:30 PM CST

Raj Singal

Founder & CEO, FINBOA

Raj Singal is the Compliance Product Manager at FINBOA.  As the compliance product manager, Raj is responsible for analyzing the regulations and working with banks to provide solutions that streamline their operations.

Prior to FINBOA he worked for over 20 years in the financial services industry providing solutions to bank treasury services.

Raj wrote the first SAAS solution for fiduciary services at different financial institutions in early 2000.

Jamie Clark

Card Services Manager, Richwood Bank

Jamie Clark is the Card Services Leader for Richwood Bank, an $822 million in assets financial institution based out of central Ohio. Richwood Bank is a progressively innovative community bank with the vision to transform the industry to provide strength in the 7 communities they serve. Jamie has played a huge part in building this vision starting in March of 2014. She began in the branch network but quickly promoted herself through the organization with her hard work and motivation to take care of the customer. Within the last 18 months, while completing our first acquisition, she was challenged to take over the Card Services department and develop this team for the future of the organization. Since taking over the team, Jamie has provided multiple revenue streams while uncovering efficiencies to increase the bank’s bottom line.

One of these huge efficiencies was implementing FINBOA into the dispute process. She managed the entire project from contract negotiation to program implementation to team training on the tool. FINBOA has given Richwood Bank the ability to replace multiple manual processes with one streamlined flow to increase productivity and provide better service to the main priority, the Customer.

Regulation E Error Resolutions and Disputes Webinar