Regulation E Error Resolutions and Disputes Webinar

Institutions are facing increased pressure to mitigate the risk of card fraud and stay compliant. Growth in identity theft and electronic payments is increasing workloads and costs to track dispute and stay compliant with Regulation E.  The increase workload can overwhelm already strained resources leading to increased risks for banks when relying on manual processes.

To effectively manage disputes and resulting losses fraud investigators need a streamlined approach and automation of manual steps. FINBOA provides an outline to improve dispute management and shows you where automation can further improve efficiencies.

Learn strategies from our dispute management expert to help you streamline your dispute resolution processes ensuring compliance.

There is no cost for this webinar, and past attendees have been rated this webinar very highly.  The number of seats are limited, register today to reserve your spot.


Jessica Quick, Debit Card Fraud Specialist, Security First Bank

Raj Singal, Compliance Product Manager at FINBOA

April 16th, 2020 – 12:30 PM CST

Raj Singal

VP Compliance Product Manager, FINBOA

Raj Singal is the Compliance Product Manager at FINBOA.  As the compliance product manager, Raj is responsible for analyzing the regulations and working with banks to provide solutions that streamline their operations. 

Prior to FINBOA he worked for over 20 years in the financial services industry providing solutions to bank treasury services.

Raj wrote the first SAAS solution for fiduciary services at different financial institutions in early 2000.

Jessica Quick

Debit Card Fraud Specialist, Security First Bank

Jessica Quick is the lead Debit Card Fraud Specialist for Security First Bank, a $1.1 billion-asset bank with
28 locations in Nebraska and South Dakota.

She has enterprise-wide responsibility for all aspects of Debit/ATM card error resolution, including front line staff training on Reg E and dispute submissions.

Jessica helped design the bank’s error resolution procedures, research and implement the FINBOA tracking system, which has been recognized for its overall effectiveness by examiners, internal and external auditors.  

She works directly with customers, generally on escalated issues, as a member of the electronic banking team and currently serves as a council member of a virtual advisory board for an in-development card processor program.

Regulation E Error Resolutions and Disputes Webinar