Reduce Write-offs with Effective Reg E Compliance

About the Webinar:

A financial institution’s bottom line reflects the effectiveness of executing on Reg E compliance. Ineffective or non-compliant management of disputes will increase write-offs. Implementing digital process automation is a way to save money by reducing losses and optimizing operational spend. Join us to learn now to reduce losses associated with Reg E compliance.

Covered Topics:

  • Impact of EFT transaction growth on compliance
  • Cost components of managing Reg E
  • Loss reduction best practices


John Griffin, Customer Success Manager, FINBOA

Kimberly Mantuano, eBanking Card Manager at Centennial Bank

Raj Singal, Founder & CEO, FINBOA

September 17th, 2020 – 12:30 PM CST

John Griffin

Customer Success Manager, FINBOA

John partners with customers to ensure FINBOA solutions are being implemented and fully utilized to deliver optimal business results.

In addition, John provides ongoing customer support and product demo expertise.

John has over 30 years of experience with delivering customer success in heavily regulated industries.

Kimberly Mantuano

eBanking Card Manager, Centennial Bank

Kimberly Mantuano is the eBanking Card Manager at Centennial Bank. In this role, Kimberly manages operations for debit cards and credit cards including fraud prevention and disputes.

In addition, she manages the third party providers for all systems that support cards, processing networks, and disputes.

Centennial Bank is a customer focused bank that provides a broad range of commercial and retail banking and related financial services to businesses, investors, individuals and municipalities. Centennial Bank has locations in Arkansas, Florida, South Alabama, and New York. Centennial Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Home BancShares, Inc.

Raj Singal

Founder & CEO, FINBOA

Raj Singal is the Compliance Product Manager at FINBOA.  As the compliance product manager, Raj is responsible for analyzing the regulations and working with banks to provide solutions that streamline their operations.

Prior to FINBOA he worked for over 20 years in the financial services industry providing solutions to bank treasury services.

Raj wrote the first SAAS solution for fiduciary services at different financial institutions in early 2000.

Regulation E Error Resolutions and Disputes Webinar