About This Webinar

The widespread adoption of digital payments and associated increases in dispute volume has challenged financial institutions to improve operational efficiency around achieving Reg E compliance.  Explore the strategic importance of applying intelligent process automation to simplify electronic payment dispute management.                                                                               
This webinar features an insightful discussion with former banking executives, Christina Evans and Kimberly Mantuano, both now with FINBOA.  They share real-life experiences and proven best practices to quickly address common Reg E compliance-related challenges by digitizing and automating dispute processing.                                                                                         
Watch to understand the strategic and practical reasons for implementing process automation to effectively address regulatory compliance processing beginning with dispute intake.                                                                                             
Who Should Attend?
Chief Compliance Officer, Head of Risk, CIO, Head of Debit Card Operations, Head of Digital Banking, Compliance Officer, Head of Deposits, Head of Fraud/Loss Prevention, Head of Operations, Debit Card Specialist

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