Streamline Reg E Dispute Management with FINBOA's Comprehensive Automation Platform

In today's banking landscape, the surge in payment disputes fueled by fraud is overwhelming, leaving institutions grappling with compliance pressures, escalating costs, and dissatisfied customers. With Regulation E mandating swift and comprehensive dispute resolution, many banks find themselves hindered by outdated back-office systems–inviting audits, penalties, and operational inefficiencies.

Enter FINBOA, a revolutionary solution that transforms the disputes process through digitization and automation. By streamlining operations, FINBOA empowers your team to efficiently manage increasing dispute volumes without the need for additional staff. This not only slashes costs associated with fines and write-offs but also elevates the customer experience, fostering trust and loyalty. Say goodbye to manual headaches and hello to a seamless, compliant, and cost-effective solution with FINBOA.

FINBOA’s Analytics and Process Automation platform is ready to go with Reg E workflows for Debit Cards, ACH, ATM, and ZelleⓇ or Bill Pay using EFT. Financial institutions looking to centralize and automate all payment dispute management on a single platform can add credit cards, Check Fraud, Wire Fraud, Mobile Deposits and Stop Payment automation. The Reg E solution includes digital dispute intake, Reg E consumer liability calculators, alerts, e-Signature from any device, GL integration for same-day customer credits, centralized document repository for easy audits and reporting, customer letter templates to maintain consistency and compliance across all disputes.

  • FINBOA gives me a better understanding within the retail staff on the process for both Reg E and Account exception tracking. A tool to help retail staff answer customer questions on the Reg E process.

    Sherrie Huber Virginia National Bank

  • [She] is over the moon with the way the program is fitting into our overall culture at our bank and accelerating our digital optimization.

    Marisa Reynolds Oconee State Bank

  • This new platform allows us to offer our customers 24/7 access to make a dispute online or via our mobile banking app.

    James Goodstein Ocean First Bank

  • “With FINBOA, all the pieces of the puzzle (the dispute form, claim status, how much provisional credit a customer received, when it was received) were all in one place for employees to access.”

    Deposit Operations Fraud Specialist

  • The resulting end to end digital process eliminated paper and centralized everything into one solution. Oconee State Bank reduced the amount of time it took to file consumer disputes by over 80%.

  • What used to feel like an insurmountable task is now easily completed using the built-in automations, allowing more time to be spent on investigating fraud, helping customers, and reducing write-offs.

  • Claim processing time has dropped by about 70 percent with FINBOA’s solution in place, allowing the team to truly investigate disputes and stay well ahead of compliance deadlines. The $500 chargeback threshold is now $20.

    SVP, Director of Corporate Security

  • Tracking is easier, reporting is easier, compliance is easier, even our analysts love FINBOA

    SVP, Director of Corporate Security

  • With so many employees of different backgrounds and expertise and technical capabilities, FINBOA was perfect because after looking at it, I said, if you can online shop, you can use FINBOA.

    VP, eBanking Assistant Director


Our customers succeed

FINBOA provides the framework of how established companies transform their back office processes — and in how they automate key regulatory compliance requirements. FINBOA's platform is easily adopted by users and provides a better experience for customers.


Embedded automation and security

FINBOA is highly automated and easy to install. Updates are released with no downtime. FINBOA is built on a PCI DSS Certified environment with 24/7 intrusion monitoring.


Partnerships and integrations

We have strong core and digital partnerships, we focus on establishing integrations to make our product a seamless solution. 



Our team includes former community, regional and global bankers who’ve led risk and compliance, run operations and built products along with digital, automation and data experts. 

FINBOA runs on public and private cloud

Run your applications where you want. Whatever your chosen architecture, you’ll get a reliable and consistent operational experience.

Industry-leading implementation and service

Our customers are usually up and running 4-5 times faster than our competition, without sacrificing requirements or service. 


Deliver more of what your customers want, faster.

Replace your manual processes with cloud-enabled FINBOA workflow automation and transform regulatory compliance management.

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