What is stopping your treasury onboarding from being a best-in-class growth driver?

  • Do customers complain about the process of completing forms and the time it takes to set up services?
  • Does your process create a ton of emails to get forms and agreements completed correctly?
  • Is your team slowed by paperwork, tedious or inconsistent reviews, information that is not actionable or auditable?
  • Are you missing referral opportunities to convert borrowers into treasury customers?
  • Is your program increasing the risk to your financial institution over time?
  • Do you lack controls and clear processes?

FINBOA Treasury Onboarding will modernize your treasury program to focus on growth and customer satisfaction.

With FINBOA Treasury Onboarding solution you can remove friction from your onboarding process, resulting in faster time to revenue and more sales.

Our Solution

FINBOA's intelligent automation solution modernizes and digitizes the commercial and treasury services application process for treasury sales and operations.

Eliminate paper and manual systems and deliver a better client experience. Secure referrals for Treasury Management services and free Treasury Sales to sell, not track paperwork or chase signatures. Reduce processing time per application to minutes, automate the back-office and provide on-demand reporting to save time in internal audits.

Paper forms and tedious multi-step processes are eliminated, accelerating your approval process. Automate your annual or periodic performance review workflows and enjoy real-time visibility into onboarding status and performance metrics.

FINBOA Treasury Management
Solution Overview

FINBOA Treasury Onboarding

Improve your time to revenue and customer experience with FINBOA's treasury onboarding solution. 

FINBOA Treasury Management


Identify Top Prospects to Services


Simple and Fast Applications


Paperless Onboarding and Approvals


Treasury Product Setup


Treasury Product Set-Up with SLA Tracking and Status Monitoring


Contracted Product Changes


Streamline Annual Risk Review and Adjustments


Customer, Account and Service Maintenance


Scale your Treasury business

Make every retail staff member a salesperson with the easy to follow process.

Eliminate rekeying errors

Enterprise-wide centralized access to Treasury data

Attract new clients with a digital experience

Reduce Time to Revenue by 80%

Real time performance metrics improves decisioning

Improved audit control over onboarding and review processes

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