• “With FINBOA, all the pieces of the puzzle (the dispute form, claim status, how much provisional credit a customer received, when it was received) were all in one place for employees to access.” 

    - Deposit Operations Fraud Specialist

  • "After implementing FINBOA my operations changed completely.  I will never go back."

    - Jennifer Rudd, Oconee State Bank.

  • "I was recognized by my board thanks to
    the results I delivered using FINBOA."

    - Jessica Quick, Security First Bank

FINBOA Digital Process Automation

Transform Your Financial Back Office with Automation

Eliminate or delay the need for additional staff


Make it easier to staff back office functions


Quickly analyze and adapt


Roll out new products faster

Improve customer experience

Reduce risk and losses related to non-compliance


Benefits of Digital Process Automation

  • Eliminate paper forms
  • Improve Customer Experience with eSignatures
  • Reduce error rates
  • Reduces losses related to non-compliance
  • Access across your entire enterprise
Digital Process Automation

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Growth in Digital Payments and Fraud Are Driving the Need for Automation in the Back Office

Exponential growth of online transactions and identity theft are pushing financial institutions to rethink back office automation for dispute tracking.