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Regulation E Dispute Tracking

Transform Reg E Dispute Management With Automation

Streamline Reg E Dispute management using process automation, compliant letters, digital signatures and reduce dispute processing time by up to 90%.

Dispute Management for Reg E Transactions

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CIP Exception Tracking
Exception Management

Improve Customer Experience and Reduce Exception Correction Time by 55 Percent

Streamline CIP, CDD and Loan exception management with automated deadline alerts, eLists and compliant letters to reduce correction processing time.

Exception Management for CIP, CDD, and Loans


Reduce the Complexity of the Wire Approval Process

Identify risks and eliminate exceptions in the wire department.

Automated Wire Approvals


Benefits Our Customers Enjoy

80 %

Reduced Time to File Customer Complaints

50 %

Reduced Claim Processing Time

50 %

Reduced Write-Off Threshold

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