Easily manage increasing dispute volumes without the need for more staff. Analyze claims for Reg E compliance, automate letter generation and provisional credit, and ultimately, free your back office team to focus on more meaningful work. And FINBOA lets you do all of that with one-click in most cases, no clicks in some.

Reduce Staff Needed to Manage Disputes

Reduce Losses by

Simplify Decision-Making

FINBOA Reg E Dispute Tracking Solution

FINBOA Regulation E Dispute Tracking Tools Can Reduce Your Dispute Processing Time By 90 Percent

Eliminate manual tracking of claims - focus on disputes that need attention.


Eliminate manual posting of customer adjustments.


Post customer adjustments the same day.


Eliminate looking for documents for audits.

Eliminate manual calculations of provisional credit and consumer liability.


No more switching between the core and spreadsheet, and other solutions.


Eliminate complex analysis of each claim. Replace with pre-selected automations that complete the entire process in a single click.

No more data entry (and the errors that inevitably follow).

Easy and fast setup.


FINBOA Reg E Dispute Tracking Platform

Seamless Integration

Get up and running quickly with batch file integration.

Integrate seamlessly with your mobile and online banking applications.

Integrate with your back-end core quickly and easily.

In receiving documents digitally, Oconee State Bank reduced the amount of time it took to file consumer disputes by over 80 percent.

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