Does your loan partnership program lack scalability due to inefficient manual processes and a lack of visibility?

  • Exchanging spreadsheets, pdfs and zip files for manual processing is inefficient
  • Keying/re-keying slows the process and creates room for error
  • Data is siloed and must be aggregated and understood
  • Struggling with a lack of visibility and controls over the end to end process
  • Quality control and compliance are an afterthought

“We can process more than 10 times the amount of loans with fewer staff members."

- Credit Union CIO

Eliminate bottlenecks

Automate quality control

Understand loan performance

Scale without increasing risk or resources

FINBOA Loan Onboarding Solution

FINBOA's Loan Acquisition Onboarding solution helps banks and credit unions scale their loan partnership programs, drive growth and reduce risk through using analytics and workflow automations.

  • Members and loans are analyzed and digitally opened in the Core
  • Documents are uploaded directly into the Core's document management system
  • Membership and credit criteria are easily reviewed before accepting the loan acquisition from your fintech partners
  • Monitor performance and create risk review criteria to ensure unwanted loans and data errors do not impact the lending program's success
  • View, analyze and report on the loan program with easy to use dashboards

Easy onboarding of third-party originated loans


Easy implementation (core integration)


Automated funding for timely accounting and reconciliation


Dashboard for all loans


Centralized data for faster review


Automated credit score check, debt-to-income check


Identify exceptions automatically and manage efficiently


No touch workflows for most loans


Centralized control and visibility

Ensures compliance with credit risk profile


Breeze through audits


Easy scalability


Analytics and Automations

Workflows and Routing

Automatically Identify Missing Documents and Data

Automatically Identify Exceptions (DTI, Loan Value, Others)

Auto Approval

Random Sampling Quality Checks

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