Christina Evans, Director of Compliance Products and Solution Consulting at FINBOA and Dave Hunkele, Advisor to FINBOA will discuss how to compete and grow in today’s banking environment, institutions must leverage automation to modernize and digitize the Treasury services onboarding process to improve sales, operations, and the customer experience. Through presentation, demonstration and discussion, this webinar will address:

  • The critical need to address Treasury Management sales and onboarding challenges
  • Improving lead generation quality to convert more borrowers to Treasury Clients
  • Increasing Treasury Sales by simplifying Client engagement to sign-up for, and make changes to, the services they want or use
  • Automating and digitizing the intake process for Treasury Management to make the job easier
    between TM Sales and Implementation Team processes
  • Ensuring consistent and complete client information access to make informed decisions, including setting rules for leads and a risk-based approach to pricing
  • Streamlining and simplifying the annual review process

Who Should Attend?

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Risk Officer/Chief Compliance Officer, Head of Risk/Compliance, Head ofDigital Banking, Head of Treasury Management, Head of Treasury Management Sales, Head of TreasuryManagement Implementation, Head of Commercial Banking Sales, Head of Deposits, Head ofPayments, CTO/CIO, CEO/President

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