Learn how your organization can quickly and effectively transform the processing of electronic payment disputes to increase compliance and efficiency.  We will share best practices designed to digitize and improve dispute management for your institution, staff, and account holders.  
Unprecedented growth in digital payment usage continues to drive an increasing volume of disputes in Banks and Credit Unions. For most financial institutions reliant on manual systems, achieving regulatory compliance while also delivering a positive customer experience presents a difficult challenge.   

During this webinar, FINBOA experts and experienced bankers, Christina Evans and Kimberly Mantuano discuss the ‘how and why’ of applying intelligent process automation to payment dispute management, including:    
  • Eliminating paper, spreadsheets, and re-keying to improve compliance accuracy and the staff experience for frontline, back-office and call center staff,
  • Streamlining and simplifying Reg E dispute management to increase efficiency and compliance while reducing fraud risk and claim-related losses,
  • Providing account holders with the best possible dispute intake and resolution experience,
  • Having access to a centralized repository of dispute information for timely reporting and decision-making, 
  • Implementing process automation to reduce training and increase employee retention, and
  • Navigating the transition from a largely manual payment dispute process to digital, highly-automated compliance processing.

Who Should Attend?

Chief Compliance Officer, Head of Risk, Head of Debit Card Operations, Head of Digital Banking, Compliance Officer, Head of Deposits, Head of Fraud/Loss Prevention, Head of Operations, Debit Card Specialist, Operations Manager

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