Event Host:  David Hunkele, Advisor to FINBOA

Guest Speakers: Alan Hill & Matt Speare of Carter Bank & Trust

The rapid adoption of digital payments is driving up dispute volumes, challenging financial institutions to quickly improve compliance processing.  Learn how one innovative institution, Carter Bank & Trust, effectively tackled the challenge of streamlining Reg E compliance by transforming from manual to automated dispute management. 

Join David Hunkele, industry thought leader, as he hosts Matt Speare and Alan Hill of Carter Bank & Trust to explore the strategic and practical reasons for implementing process automation to effectively address compliance costs, staff training, efficiency and customer experience challenges.  

Hear how partnering with the right digital process automation provider can reduce Reg E dispute processing time from hours to minutes, branch visits by up to 90% and claim-related losses by an average of 25% with an easy to use, fast to implement and affordable solution.

Who Should Attend?

Chief Compliance Officer, Head of Risk, Head of Debit Card Operations, Head of Digital Banking, Compliance Officer, Head of Deposits, Head of Fraud/Loss Prevention, Head of Operations, Debit Card Specialist

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