James Goodstein, VP, Product Manager - Digital Banking at OceanFirst Bank

Raj Singal, CEO of FINBOA

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What You Will Learn:

As the growth in digital payments is driving up claim volume, resource cost, write-offs and risk, financial institutions are challenged to improve regulatory compliance processing. This webinar will bring together proven best practices in Reg E dispute management from experienced banking professionals. Learn how leading banks and credit unions have quickly transformed Reg E management from manual to automated processing to reduce fraud, errors, training costs and losses, while improving operational efficiency and customer experience.

Join us to hear how digital process automation has proven to reduce compliance processing time from hours to minutes, branch visits by 90% and claim-related losses by an average of 25%.

Who Should Attend?

Chief Compliance Officer, Head of Risk, CIO, Head of Debit Card Operations, Head of Digital Banking, Compliance Officer, Head of Deposits, Head of Fraud/Loss Prevention, Head of Operations, Debit Card Specialist

HubSpot Video

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6:00 James Goodstein tells story of OceanFirst Bank growth