When there has been debit card fraud, you need to respond rapidly to protect your financial institution. The best Reg E dispute software can send you an email to notify you when deadlines are approaching or new disputes need attention. This allows you to fix the problem in real-time.

Avoid the Iceberg Which Could Sink Your Brand

Unfortunately, by the time you are notified of a debit card dispute, the “clock has already started ticking.” The thief might have racked up a large debt on someone’s debit card and may have already covered his tracks. Since the card issuing banks have promised to “write-off” any fraudulent activity, the consumers liability is minimized.  However, the bank’s work has just begun.

Of course, this is a great way to keep customers happy, but there is a price to pay. You must  cancel the card and issue a new one, complete Reg E paperwork, issue provisional credit and send customer timely notices. Our debit card compliance software can help you during each stage of this process.

When you respond quickly, you are more likely to save your brand. Consumers, banks and regulators are likely to judge your response. Our FINBOA debit card dispute tracking software guides you each step of the way.

Time is of the Essence

We can link you into the private Compromised Account Management System (CAMS). Get timely alerts, so you can respond properly. Our FINBOA CAMS alerts management features include uploading, linking and starting disputes.

Our cloud based FINBOA system enables you to send a VISA acknowledgement notice. This ensures that you remain in the “good graces” of the card issuing associations.

Store Reg E Disputes Efficiently

Get on top of any Reg E disputes. Nowadays, an audit trail is absolutely necessary to ensure proper compliance. With our debit card risk management software, you can review each dispute’s history and retrieve relevant documents.

Did you notify everyone, who “needs to know?” Did your employees send their Reg E notices before the deadline passed? Our Regulation E compliance software walks your employees, through each step of the process.

Keep your audit trail as proof of Regulation E compliance. Because our FINBOA Regulation E compliance software is cloud based, multiple parties have remote access. You can store all documents, records, and reports in our FINBOA bank regulation compliance software.

Gain control of the Regulation E dispute process with our cutting-edge bank compliance software. Request a free demo of our brand-saving debit card dispute software today. It is easy-to-use and simplifies your debit card risk management.

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