Most financial institutions consistently struggle with the Reg E Dispute Tracking. Rigid solutions or manual processes are cumbersome with paper forms, rekeying data into customer notices, calculating provisional credit, rekeying provisional credit into the bank core solution, and ensuring everything is done per CFPB Reg E requirements.  Missed deadlines, or incorrect data entry exposes the organization to increased losses and civil penalties.  Paper based processes force customers to come to a branch to sign paperwork creating a frustrating customer experience.

Too often Reg E Disputes are managed at the department level, meaning that the compliance department may not even be aware that they exist. Or the provisional credits being issued may be incorrect.

FINBOA Dispute Tracking allows all customer submissions and requests to be managed from a single dashboard, providing the needed visibility and ability to drill into an existing dispute or respond to a new request. Additionally, the software allows you to build custom workflow automations and generate notices tailored to different disputes like ACH, Wire or Bill Payments.

What it Does:

  • Pre-programmed workflows based on claim type
  • Online claim submission with e-signature for improved customer experience
  • Regulation E Provisional Credit and Consumer Liability Calculations
  • Letter Generation creates beautiful and consistent letters for customers
  • Regulation E Deadline Alerts sent via email and online
  • Easily setup additional deadline alerts based on payment or claim type
  • Integrated rules, workflows and letters based on payment or claim type
  • Generate letters in batch or individually
  • General Ledger Export for all transactions
  • Integrated Document Management keep all your documents in one place

Your Benefits:

  • Eliminate manual processing of claims
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Reduce error rates
  • Reduces losses related to non-compliance
  • Access across your entire enterprise

“I was out on vacation last week.  There were several cases I had to fix because of incorrect data entry. It only took me a few hours to catch up on all my fraud cases compared to several days that I was spending before FINBOA. I was very pleased to see the results of what it’s like if I’m gone.”

Stephanie Morrill, Fraud and Security, First Bank